Wednesday , May 25 2022

Karine Ferri Facilitator in a switsuit for paradise festivals (photo)


The host for the lottery on TF1 Karine Ferri showed himself in a switsuit for the pleasure of her supporters during her vacation.

Interestingly and beautifully, Karine Ferri has been enjoying her holiday for two days. He notified him of his Instagram account on Monday, March 11, 2019 by announcing a snapshot made with Maël, 3, and Claudia, 7 months old. With a race, he enjoys the sun and the air of the sea. According to the gala magazine, whether in a switsuit or in short short and hair in the wind, the young lady is an idea. The test, this Monday, took the next layer into a large surf board, back to turquoise water.

And the least we can say is that his hat and sunglasses screwed on the nose, as well as a bright and communicable smile that did not make it ignore. According to the same source, its swimsuit is one piece, which Orza was signified that mother two had found a perfect line.

However, his vacation will not be eternally because of March 16, she will definitely be responsible for Weekend Documents, on TF1 and in the company of Tatiana Silva. She will also join in a few months, with the lives of The Voice where he secures the second part alongside Nikos Aliagas.

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