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Jérôme Rothen (RMC SPORT) gives us the keys to the PSG / Liverpool shock


A few hours before the Champions League game between PSG and Liverpool, a factory in Paris is a special atmosphere. Tension, excitement, passion. The big aroma of games, Jerome Rothen, the final of the C1 in 2004 with MP Monaco, knows her well. Today, an advisor for RMC Sport, the one that went through the PSG (2004-2010) says, based on his experience as a player, how the Parisians need to prepare & This duel.

Télé Loisirs: Jerome, the last meeting between PSG and Liverpool dating back to April 1997, at the last quarter Cup Cup. What memory do you have? Did you stand at the stalls?

Jérôme Rothen : For once, I was not in the Park des Princes: I was in front of my TV! PSG won the 3-0 game, with huge communion with the public around and at the stadium. In return, he lost the 0-2 PSG to Anfield but was enough to qualify for the final, lost (0-1) against FC Barcelona. And when I should go PSG Between 2004 and 2010, a game has been marked to me specially: a victory in the Parc des Princes (4-0) against Twente in UEFA Cup, in 2008. There was electricity in the air (note: especially fighting between fans around the stadium) and this nervousness allowed us to be aggressive. And when the players are hungry, the audience is following …

Tonight, PSG's discovery of Liverpool. Even if there is a group game, not a game game, the Parisians will have to win to qualify for the Champions League ties. Meet like this, at home, how are I ready?

Before these big games, when a bedroom has a character, the atmosphere changes in relation to the preparation of a normal championship game. The most definite players speak more and give more speed in practice. The shots are harder and one feels, almost fast, is a joint focus. Even players with a lack gray Suddenly take more space. And when something unusual or intrusive begins to believe it inevitably leads everyone!

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In fact, PSG has often been criticized since the beginning of the Qatari period for lack of character and effect during these great games. Do you share this print?

Totally Without going back to last season against Real Madrid, the PSG It is sometimes lacking of the will of this season. I'm thinking about the record loss (3-2) on a lawn lerpwl where he summed up all the lines of the team. What's my biggest opinion is that players are not grouped, during the game or after the goal, to get together or find answers … Fortunately, The following have been a little more comfort, especially i Naples. The players were able to bring a good pull 1-1 back, showing great physical commitment.

What's missing by PSG to pass a milestone in the Champions League?

Certainly, she does not have a Kanté goal field midfield, which can repeat the defensive races. But the current workforce must also learn to hurt themselves! For example, Adrien Rabiot is a great player but it's been a long time since I saw him doing a athletic game. Beyond co-defensive efforts or "cleats", an attacker must identify his territory by holding him a voluntary ball. We must eager to resist his opponent, make it skeptical. Players like Neymar, Julian Draxler, Angel Di Maria or even Kylian Mbappé, I will rarely see "charred" on a piece of land. The winning culture is: to move, to make the most effort possible and to be able to reproduce this top performance when necessary.

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These density games, you have specially known in Monaco, during the famous 2003-2004 season. Then you came to the final of the Champions League, including the elimination of Chelsea and Real Madrid by Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos … The team lost the final against FC Porto but you appeared impossible year …

There was a kind of joint bond. Didier Deschamps, our coach at the time, had created and maintained this link. What he sponsored me was his ability to adapt his control to the emotional profile of his players. He clearly stated which player to give assurance and, vice versa, what "man" you must tick it … Some profiles need to feel some sort of fear to reach their best level , as if they must consider failure to fight better. And, indeed, the PSG coach, Thomas Tuchel, seems very clever at the psychological level. Perhaps more than the predecessors of Unai Emery and Laurent Blanc.

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