Thursday , August 18 2022

International Cyber ​​Attack: hackers associated with Russia beat North Korean and Chinese


(CIO Mag) – This collection is a study conducted by the American company CrowdStrike, which specializes in cybersecurity, which has the merit of being at least clear: in the field, hackers are in contact with Russia beat North Korean and Chinese. According to the report made by experts, it takes 19 minutes on average for this "birth" to enter a computer system and to move late to extract data.

However, as reported by the Internnet "Echos" website, a company that sells solutions for detecting and protecting against malicious software recognizes that the conclusions of its report are not necessarily general as the & The data in its possession necessarily encompasses the attacks sustained by its customers, although it operates in 174 countries. For this reason, CrowdStrike does not mention all the things that broadcast the last US presidential election.


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