Friday , March 5 2021

"I'm a man with an authoritarian tendency"

President Macky Sall took advantage of his new book called Senegal to Heart to Settle with Idrissa Seck. He indicates the authority of the former man in charge of prime minister. The Observer gives a quote.

"In November 2002, Idrissa Seck was appointed Prime Minister, I am the number of the government. Not just a title is to be a minister, but also need to know how to hear voice one, not to make titles and the press but to confirm convictions It is hard to say anything to a politician's side, to oppose in his or her majority. Or Idrissa Seck is a man with an authoritative tendency. There are prime ministers, more consensual, Idrissa Seck is Suddenly, it does not ask, it's an order (…)

In the first few months in his place, Idrissa reveals the characteristics of a character that makes him work extremely difficult: aroma, certainty of right, authorization … I think, to govern, & # 39 ; n enough to beat your fist on the table and say in a bruising voice: It's so similar and that's, I've decided! & # 39; "


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