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Illegal transport practice: 14 drivers have been sentenced to a month postponed


The 14 drivers of "Allo Dakar", granted under arrest warrant on Friday, May 10, 2019, for illegal transport practice, were tried yesterday at the Palais de Justice Thies. They were deferred for a month. Their trial lasted only a few minutes because the prosecutor, having read the order, decided to ask for the stay for all drivers. The judge followed him.
The Cooperative for overseeing and legalizing carpooling in Senegal, which includes these drivers, is satisfied with the sentence expressed by the Tribunal even if it expected a pure and simple adjournment. According to Abdoulaye Ndiaye, president of the joint, "drivers and thieves are not the drivers who face the judge, let alone hemp salesmen, but honest citizens who work with sweat them In carrying out their duties they were arrested, "he denies." We continue: "What we do is not an irregular transport, combining cars, which exists in Europe and the United States with Uber taxis, which we can, from request, select your vehicle in." we have our documents (insurance, gray card, permit), so we are in a good position, "Better, we continue," road users are ask for our services by the time ”.
So, we ask the State to supervise their sector of activities, which employs around 1,200 drivers in the city of Thiès. The joint plans are already "to establish a national structure with our friends Saint-Louis, Rufisque, Tivaouane, Ngaye, Touba … to legalize this type of transport to enable young people to t working in peace. " In this context, he said, "we meet local and national authorities to organize this new type of transport, which is gaining momentum in the country and can also develop Senegal. T ". Moreover, our estimate, "every car pays 600 thousand FCFA per month at the level of the toll". To say, according to him, "the time for the State to support us by legalizing the sector and preventing the arrest of the drivers".

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