Tuesday , August 9 2022

Idrissa Seck, Idy2019 coalition candidate: "On February 24 night, we will start this national recovery program"


Yesterday, in the city of Diourbel, the coalition candidate "Idy 019" has returned to a large extent to its national program in general, and specifically in relation to the Balance. Idrissa Seck warned: "We must not sell our agricultural raw material now, but we have to transform it. Sonacos has included because it turns nuts into oil and related products. ; he must develop the industrialization of Diourbel, Tambacounda, Kidira and others, is the regeneration of the railway to regenerate all dead stations. "For the leader of the Rewmi party, the widespread work & I'm waiting for Senegal in everything just in peace, silence, serenity, among others that can be done.
People Diourbel, continued, "I saw your commitment, your compassion, your will. I received your message and the same everywhere in Senegal to say, on February 24, 2019, we make a radical change in the first round. Diourbel, I heard your message in agriculture, commerce, basic infrastructure, the environment, sanitation, youth, university. Make sure that your concerns have already been considered in our program. In this sense, Idrissa Seck said that all of this asks for good training, health, good nutrition, sport, a healthy environment to prepare human resources. Especially since, he said, "as we compete with the outside, we have to prepare & # 39; r local people until they can stand up and have enough strength in the competition market. Certainly, on February 24 evening, we will start this national recovery program.

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