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"I felt very bad when I left AS Monaco"


Abdou Aziz did not have time at Tiam. After passing by Mantes-la-Jolie, he joined the INF Clairefontaine at the age of 12. Member of 97, made his classes alongside Allan Saint-Maximin, Amine Harit or Florian Ayé. Seamless running that led to AS Monaco, where he had already signed an ANS contract at 11. "When I was 15, I joined the training center in Monaco. I started with a contract that was eager and then two years later, I signed my agreement for the first three years," he said. A great start for this early talent, which has always been one step forward. "In 2014, I joined the professional group, it was a dream that became a reality. After me, I had Luis Campos, who was the current sports director, and Leonardo Jardim, who had just arrived Some opposed my integration into the pro group. After a few sessions and with the views of the services provided, the objectors did not have any other option than to go to the evidence. summer refreshment. The coach told me, "I believe this year, we will play a number of games." This is where my epic began the benefits. I made my first appearances in the group at Ligue 1 and in Champions League ".
The residents of the Louis II stadium had little idea behind their heads. "I was asked to perform well to be a really resale, really expensive, it's getting a big deal. It's the club's design for me. It was" Thiam we're taking out and selling & Deep ".This scheme did not go as planned for Thiam and for Monaco." Ultimately, the opposite happened. I saw too many things too fast. I was young, I was 17, I made my first appearance in the pro group in Paris. When the trainer told me that I had to go back ten minutes of the end, with the appearance of the game he was dead, I can not. Then there were a number of games where, during the week, the coach promised me to play and when he arrived at the weekend, it was not the case. I can meet in stalls, in CFA. There was a world between what was told and what was happening. I did not feel sad about talking Jardim with me. Luis Campos too. The club trusted me (…) At first, I received everything. But I wanted to play because I was feeling ready. And I'll stop cracking.
Thiam assumes her mistakes
He said, "My behavior began to deteriorate a bit. I started going out, I was late when I was youngest in the group. So it was not too big. I did a bit like that I really wanted it. In fact, I did everything back. I should have been a patient. Looking back, Thiam takes her mistakes completely. "On the same thing, I believe that I no one who did not know how to be patient I wanted everything too fast because they really showed me things, they told me some things too fast. I did everything in the mess. But it is not alone responsible. The ASM control, which should not have been disclosed so fast, was not perfect. "I think this error is too. Monaco knows that when they finished with them, they knew they had lost something, they did not agree at all. There's also a bit of & # 39; i fai too. "At the time, there was also a need to control the pressure in Monaco but also the fact that it was really OK. As the talented midfielder did not have a lack of excusers. Arsenal, Manchester City, Stoke City, Fiorentina and AC Milan were very interested.
In a situation it was very good to be treated at the time. "Initially, it was not difficult, this euphoria was. I had already started with Youth Alliance matches where I was showing myself, where a number of clubs started to get involved. I felt ready to play with the benefits, I did not measure it. It was careless, but no club has jumped on the occasion when the player has terminated his contract with Monaco, a divorce invitation to listen to. "I can cancel my contract in Monaco in September 2016. The next transfer window, I joined Perugia in Italy. I had signed everything, put everything in place, bringing me back. Eventually, I decided to leave because I think Monaco is in my head. It was too much dimension change. So, I did not start from the ASM and went to Serie B when it was a good project. At the age of 19, I had the opportunity to play in the second Italian division. But I did not measure that at the time and I decided to leave. I had a bad experience of departure from Monaco AS. Here's the club that trained me. My departure is in my numbers a few, although I have made the decision.
Start again and find the elite as soon as possible
There is a decision that the much more mature player today regrets a little. "Today, when considering the team, I'm telling myself that I should have stayed, I should have been a patient." After a shocking, exciting, he chose not to play football for two years while a number of clubs were ready to stretch his hand (Strasbourg, Belgian, Oldham, Anzhi). "After Perugia, I stopped football. I pulled out. I needed a little time, I let her go and I wait. I went home and told me I was going to kick the football out. Then, when I became a dad, I clicked. As I only played football, I dropped. I wanted to become Behind me, take back what was my property. I made a great effort to resume as amateurs. I signed in CFA 2 in Pacy-sur-Eure. I started playing games a month and a half ago. In 3 league games, he scored two goals. I find ideas and especially pleasure In Monaco, I had lost the pleasure of playing at the end, I'll see today starting from lower. I'll return to the point I & Missing football I'm telling me I've lost time leaving the two years to go … "
And he hopes to compensate for a lost time that has now been able to count on his family, his wife and friends, including Enock Kwateng during his difficult time. "I decided to do this to see what I was worth and trying to get back to the elite as soon as possible. My goal is to leave as fast as possible and return to the elite!" A real focus, the one who says he "likes to play and win his team" is eager to repeat the same mistakes and want a new opportunity, which is not always easy in France. When signing his pro, he said: "I'm very pleased to sign up with MP Monaco, my training club. This is a new step and I hope this is just the beginning, says Thiam. I like when everything goes faster, I want to succeed. Four years later, Mantes-la-Jolie's native became another player and another man. One who lives his day-to-day passion . "Between this contract and today, four years ago. I have more maturity. I think it's better to go step by step. The mistakes, if I teach them, is that I did not really understand anything. If I use it, I think it will work if I'm a small patient. On 21, Abdou Aziz Thiam still has time to live his dream.

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