Wednesday , May 25 2022

how to explain the price increase since January?


Fuel prices have continued to rise for several weeks. "Since the beginning of the year, prices in the pump have increased only. The diesel appears at € 1.46 per liter, which is an increase of € 0.08 compared to January. 39; the same is for SP95-E10, which reaches € 1.44 per liter, or € 0.06 more than in January, so gasoline has almost returned to the same level of arms yellow in November ", explains journalist Camille Guttin on a set of France 2.

How to explain this price increase? "This is not the fault of taxes, which has remained stable since the government decides not to increase fuel on fuel, but the price of barrel continues to rise. from 46.69 in January to € 57.36 in March The reason for this price explosion comes from the main producing countries, which have been intended to reduce their production "Attractive, this raises prices"responds to the correspondent. Do we know when prices will come down? "It's very difficult to predict, the US will increase its production, which should be lower than a few prices, but it still depends on the agreement between the main countries; n production, and the government does not hold on it "she finished.

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