Thursday , January 28 2021

Governor William Manel, has he over-ruled his prerogative?

On Sunday, March 31, 2019, about 5 am, the people of Kedougou saw a hippopotamus towards the Dalaba pit bordering the settlements and the neighborhoods of Compagnie and Dinguessou.
The animal caused a lot of damage in the houses where he was seeking asylum. But as the crowd grew more, the animal was disturbed and panicked. Despite the presence of the defenses and the security forces, the hippopotamus will disrupt the tranquility of the city until it falls into a septic tank where it could not go out.
This means that the animal has become completely harmless and is no longer a threat to the people. Why did you shoot it?
After questioning the matter, the commander Moussa Ndour, who was responsible for the Falémé Game Zone (ZIC) and the head of the Kédougou Fauna, explained that the decision to kill the hippopotamus was not the intention of the authorities. The lack of material means that the service is facing the movement of the animal, because in situations such as the first option to do it is neutralize the animal. animal, but unfortunately it will say in Kedougou, he does not have neutralists. He therefore referred to the administering authority, the Governor of the Kedougou Region, Mr William Manel in this case, who gave the order to kill the animal and bury it. The authorities called on a hunter called François, director of the Le Relais camp, and shot the animal with five bullets of 375 calories per head. Enough to engender anger and anger of whole population and nature friends. They are all aware that it was not the best decision or the one that people who were sad in the horror of the day wanted.
So, is the question of whether the Governor of the region made the right decision? It seems that not all say, especially as the reasons presented by Commander Ndour do not actually stand. If he didn't have neutralists in the whole region, Kédougou didn't lose a net to hold the animal, which is already remembered, and to bring him back to his river instead of killing, especially in front of children. Was it related to the regional governor to make a decision of such a kind? On this question the law and texts are clear. The Hippopotamus is a protected animal, so causing it death or causing unnecessary wounds is a criminal offense punishable by law. So his killing means that a protocol has been set up in advance and that the criminal law is read deeply, especially the cases of eliminating the penalty responsibility. Beyond the considerations of the convenience of the measure, there is a problem with legality. Only the judicial authority could make such a decision and on this emergency situation action. In the face of that, Kédougou's public prosecutor could authorize the killing of the animal, after appreciating the situation and coming to the conclusion that it was necessary. Would have exempted a shooter any criminal responsibility. Indeed, as soon as a crime situation is in a position, the judicial authority is the only competent authority still being thrown away. This means that Kedougou region Governor should have.
According to Bamba Cissé's lawyer "if this hippopotamus was shot in a septic tank in Kedougou, then these are very serious facts that deserve to open an investigation into the authors. T The hippopotamus is a fully protected species within the meaning of the Wildlife Protection Code, which, in Article 27 in a fine, provides penalties ranging from 1 to 5 years to anyone who t In full, it is necessary to open an investigation into these facts … " t

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