Saturday , February 27 2021

Free Mobile has already blocked more than 300,000 smartphones

According to the Du Dimanche newspaper, Free Mobile would have made some housekeeping in its unscrupulous users who rent smart phones through its purposeful service without caring back at the end of the agreed period.

Recall that Free offers a smart phone rental service that allows everyone to enjoy a terminal for an initial sum with monthly payments and a commitment over 24 months. Except at the end of the contract, the user has no choice but to return the terminal (and possibly to go to another location), no purchase option is provided.

However, some users have been able to go around the system by not restoring smartphones by avoiding invoicing … This forced Free to launch a major operation at the beginning of the month: blocking uninvited terminals.

Rent free

It is free to remain the owner of the terminals and so it can operate a lock that locks the terminal, enabling it to connect to any GSM network (not FREE or anyone else, any with in the world), which makes smart phones almost unavoidable.

The problem is that the situation lasts for 3 years, some of these terminals have changed owners. When selling a second hand to private shops or through specialist second hand shops, some users had the bad surprise to see themselves with a smartphone that could not be used again, bought in trusted stores. .

According to the JDD, Free would have blocked no less than 300,000 smartphones since the beginning of this month. The situation is complex because the owners of these smartphones did not know its origins mainly. The blocking is so surprising and the restrictions are limited: Invitations are free to contact resellers to review the black list on the basis of individual cases.

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