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Five things I know about Exequiel Palacios


I was seen at work last Sunday, in the first phase of the Libertadores Cup between Boca Juniors and River Plate (2-2), and we should continue to be able to see it in the second leg, on November 24, on RMC Sports . Exequiel Palacios, 20, according to Marca, was the first winter of Real Madrid, which would have spent 20 million euros to attach the Mid-East services. Small presentation

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Pure River Product

After being born in Famailla, in northern Argentina, Exequiel Palacios moved to Buenos Aires as a child and joined River Plate when he was 10 years old. A pure product from the El Millonario training center, the player named a good reputation internally, as he was omitted regularly. But if he played his first game in the benefits in November 2015, only 17 years (defeating 2-0 against Newell's Old Boys at Monumental), he was not until 2018 to become the key player of Marcelo Gallardo, be regularly sailed by fans. Having previously used as a bone, Palacios is now considered a multi-purpose media, "box-to-box". "A boy who has many qualities as a footballer, watching in the final to go Beto, the legend of the Afon. If the Real Recruit, they will not be scared."

Already international already on 20

Over the past few months, the Palacios River Award has been a great reward, since Lionel Scaloni, a new Argentinean coach, was called early in the national team for a first choice against Guatemala (3- 0 win) and second in Colombia (0-0). Prize, but it's also a logical step in his career, since the middle has dressed the jerseys of previous youth choices, including participating in the U17 South America Championships in 2015, or the U20 World Cup in 2017.

Purchased by the Real, but believed by Barcelona

In May 2017, Palacios extended its contract with the Afon Plate until 2021, with a 15 million euro release clause being added. A way to form Buenos Aires to close their player, or, at least, to make sure that there is a nice check for a departure. In recent months, Argentina has appeared in the eyes of a number of large European clubs: AC Milan, Inter, Atlético, and even Manchester United, if we believe the recent Sun information. In October, Barça had seen many times, for example during the River-Gremio in Libertadores game. "I'll put off all my phones, and I will do everything possible so that Palacios will not leave, it's still very young," says President Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, "he & Probably he's targeted, yes, but they (the European clubs) do not get ridiculous. "We know the technique …

Department of people's clients

After describing as a fairly serious player in Argentina, the local press still occupied palaces for his heart stories. His stories in the multiple, as the player was "official" in relation to the model Sol Perez, he would have attended parallel (and especially at the same time) two other girls. Which won some public statements enough arrow …

At the heart of a debate after the final against Boca

While the final return of the Libertadores Cup will be played on November 24, Palacios themselves were in the heart of a slightly lower leg in the Bombonera, from Boca Juniors. At half a time, as she joined a dressing room under the mood and supporters opposed, the player was filtered by clogging her nausea. A campaign that took the supporters of Boca as a fall, accusing Palacios from complaining about the scent of the stadium. His fans, they feel it's blowing. Sacred story

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