Wednesday , March 3 2021

First round won by David Hallyday and Laura Smet

This morning the lawyers of Laeticia Hallyday and three Tailor (Universal, Warner and Sony) companies and some of David Hallyday ac Laura Smet On the other hand, they met in a courtroom at ITI de Paris. They had left on March 15 at TGI Nanterre who had to control the recognition of the California witness, Johnny Hallyday, by the law of France. Debate that will resume in March. This morning, it was not a question of Johnny's real estate heritage but the moral rights to its image and work, which includes the fees collected by the sales of the albums (several million of euro at stake).

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Again, will Johnny Hallyday way Laeticia Hallyday lonely lawyer. but David Hallyday like Laura SmeThey claim that these rights should be divided into four equal parts between the four children of the priest. The session started with a dramatic blast: last Wednesday, the lawyers were informed that the bank of America trustee, Johnny trust (where all his property was set) in favor of Laeticia Hallyday, has just resigned.

Legacy Leg Johnny Hallyday: David and Laura's lawyers fight to freeze Laeticia Hallyday royalties

Opportunity, coincidence or treatment to save time? On the side Laeticia Hallyday, We ask for the referral, in the heart David Hallyday ac Laura Smet, what we want is primarily the royalty freeze so the widow does not hit the colossal royalties that arise from the sale of the last album My country is love. Finally, ITI Paris refused to refuse the hearing and the case is allowed to continue. First (small) cycle won by children Johnny Hallyday.

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