Monday , March 8 2021

Fire Moussa at Rebeuss •

Moussa Tine, former Director of the Entente Cadak-Car, went to Rebeuss Central Prison to visit the mayor of Dakar and jail in connection with Caisse's cause before the Daka City. Moussa Fire is giving news about Khalifa Sall, saying the latter tells him that his candidature for the next Presidential election is irrecoverable. "My application is irreversible! Despite all the actions that are being implemented, my country's law allows me to be a candidate in this presidential election in 2019. I am a candidate. I will count on you , "said Khalifa Sall at Moussa Fire. According to Tine, Khalifa Sall remains silent for his trial in the Supreme Court. According to him, it would be difficult to invalidate Khalifa Sall's candidature, and for good reason. According to Moussa Tine, during his trial, Khalifa Sall can raise inconsistency opposition. In this case, the Supreme Court stops the trial to seize the Constituent Council. The test resumes only after the decision of the Constitutional Council. And even if the Supreme Court does not give him a reason, he has three months long to make a flip stop. Only after this time we can talk about a final decision that could invalidate his candidature. I do not see how they can match their candidacy, "he said.

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