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Fifth on Thursday 21/02: Another great Bazire!


Fifth on Thursday 21/02: Another great Bazire!

Here's the Prix du Cantal that has been supporting bets la carte, Thursday, February 21 in Paris-Vincennes. Quinté (1st race at 13h45) disagreed at the 2850 meters of the big track. Initially, there were 15 drotters from 6 to 8 years old, without winning 299 000 € with a decline of 25 meters to 166 000 €. For a long time, Titanium Gar (8-H-W.Language) was supposed to win this quintet, but Valokaja Hindo (15) came to award his control on the job. We welcome the 62-Jean-Michel Bazire victory, his new record during a meeting!

The race will have been animated by the "Bergh", Aileron (2- G.Gelormini) ac Nobel Amok (5- R.Bergh) but who
They went down quickly, attacking the first two as soon as they climbed. In the opposite, Valokaja Hind (15-J-M.Bazire), the best party in the second echelon, becomes stronger than 1000 meters, taking advantage of the back
o Ready Ribb (6- B. Setting) who was going
It's quick to be flawed. And there, master stroke, the "head" (J-M.B)
have extended to the rope at the top of the climb, as a result Garbon Titanium (8), The who kept a focus In the straight line,
the favorite Valokaja Hindw (15) He had
more than wait and bring the love in the last 50 meters. what
drive from Jean-Michel Bazire once

Garbon Titanium (8) so this defeat did not have to be ashamed, even if Hugo Cornish was a little
the stroke after the race, as he thinks he has made the hardest today. one
He saw him except disappointing the trip to the post to reach … A climbing attacker, leading to the crossroads of the tracks, seems to have gone to glory but did not count on mastering Jean-Michel Bazire .

Syriac for the third place that returns to Jerry Mom (9- D.Thomain). After
There are many failures, he's repeating talking about himself, taking advantage of this beautiful commitment to me.
recycling restriction. On a third line, two up, he took the
the rope path in the straight line, turning to the shortest. Well balanced,
Desirable finish to seize the second entrance, not worrying.

Well closer to the climb, Brazil of Bailly (11- A.Abrivard) He pulled a nice nice line at Aberystwyth
middle of the track to come off the fourth place.

There is a good "note" with Arian y Rib (14- J-L.C.oir), again
in a net pull to enter the last step, and it came back to finish it beautifully
way in full track. A second slowed down, behind Cyrnol (13), in the middle of a straight line, maybe he has been able to win a
row after arrival?

In a third position for the finish line, but
who has already operated by his pilot, cornol
(13- N. Bazire)
"stuck" to finish, finishing the sentence,
everything outside. Even at the end of the course, he lost the places for
ending in quintets (6th).

The note :
Jerry Mom (9- D.Thomain)
3th on 23/1

We had the right to be unsure after its last
disadvantages-performance. Quickly due to the animators, he was waiting for her
hour in the middle of the track before being "decided" very much
and the final step. He did not let go and easily take the third behind behind
First, who was unpleasant. Awesome to the future …

And disappointment : Nobel Amok (5- R.Bergh) 7th i

Very good and fast at the forefront, it was fast
show signs of walliness, let you go to the top of the climb. In the
On the finish line, he was brave, but he did not succeed in changing gears, and he was clearly beaten.
Oppose favorable rumors, after a good start on February 12, it's disappointed

Side reports, LETURF.fr website
Once again, posting the best reports on a 5 horse game
without an idea of ​​an order (reporting 1 €) on the first race at Vincennes, the Prize

– LETURF.fr (Top 5): € 124,30

– PMU (Pieté disorder):
$ 414.30

Why not try, tomorrow Friday, February 22, the "Top 5" on the Price
Saint-Pierre-La-Cour, which was debated in Paris-Vincennes (R1) ?

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