Thursday , May 26 2022

Fib Fiber Sosh at € 14.99 for € 29.99 (without commitment, year, rent included)


The price battle is astonishing between Internet operators who try to set their best deals for the holiday season. This time, this is a low cost Orange subsidiary to offer Sosh Fiber Box at € 14.99 / month instead of € 29.99 / month per year, or savings of € 180.

€ 180 or year

This is a good plan that should appeal to consumers who are eligible for fiber optics. Sosh reduces the price of its monthly subscription by 50% from € 29.99 to € 14.99 per first year. So you can save a nice saving of € 180, which is far too far!

In addition, this offer without commitmentyou can switch to another operator at the end of the 12 months or more. And best of all, the rental of the Box Sosh has included in the price of the subscription.

Detail of Sosh fiber motion

sosh, as you probably know, is a subsidiary of the Orange operator. Consumers benefit from the fiber network of the historic society. Sosh fiber flow rates are 300 Mbps, up and down.

The Sosh Box package also gives access to Unlimited fixed telephony to landlines in France and 100 other destinations from the world. However, we have to add 5 € / month for unlimited calls to mobile phones.

TV level, there are two options available to you: use the free Orange TV app on your mobile / PC / Mac or subscribe for 5 € / month to the decoder. The last one gives access to no less than 160 channels, including over 70 in HD.

The last interesting point Sosh reimburses up to € 100 for termination fees from your former operator. If you are not eligible for fiber, Sosh also offers an ADSL Box of € 14.99 / month the first year, then € 19.99 / month.

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