Saturday , September 26 2020
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Feces available on all McDO touchscreens


You were told she was small.

If you thought how to catch this ugly gastro, we got the answer, it comes from the Mcdo. And if it could have come from the dirty food found in these walls, you could be just as ill by placing your order.

Because a British study has published in the newspaper meter and has done with the New York Metropolitan University microbiology department to prove that all McDonald's touch screens are full of fecal issues. Yes, poo traces. On each screen.

There are a number of dangerous bacteria, including staph or listeria, which can causing severe infections to expire in hospital and even an agreement toxic frost. And be careful, even prove that the screens are more than toilet bowls. And if we give the best to eat in the mange-shit?

Leave in a disgusting food, the link has finished. Come on, good app.

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