Tuesday , August 9 2022

Eric Zemmour assaults Moroccanid


When interrupting on a set of LCI channels, Zemmour said that the increase in anti-Semitism in France was the result of Islamic culture. "We were told that Islam is a religion of peace and love, although we know that this anti-Semitism is a remote Islamic culture product that is far away from me. a minister does everything to stop immigration that has 400,000 applications per year, "he said the dissertation, saying that this" massive mass ", especially from Morocco, is Islamic breeding ground.

These statements have led to incredible reactions on social networks, especially by the Franco-Moroccan, Yassine Belattar, who recently announced his resignation of the chain of information that he accused me support this kind of conversation. "I'm so angry … I'll give up @LCI … It's a shame." He wrote. "I do not think I have anywhere on @LCI following the comments Adequate … There is a difference between freedom of expression and freedom of disorders. Good luck in your bid, "it's smooth.

Bellatar said this time in an interview with the Observatory, "tired of seeing suburban youth regularly taking nuclear horses on their faces by the oppressors," accuses Zemmour from being a gap. "I remember he was sentenced for racist hate. It has become impossible to comment on such a set.

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