Friday , May 27 2022

Ergyd Abdoulaye Thimbo Mayor of Yeumbeul: "Bara Gaye Irresponsible"


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The mayor of Pikine does not want his colleague, Yeumbeul South, to pursue his territory, the local Women's Minister, Salimata Dip Dieng, who wanted to give women the gifts of this area. For Abdoulaye Timbo, this anti-republican act is irresponsible.

In a Republic where every citizen is equal, some sectoral acts appear to be ostracism. And that's what the mayor of Pikine Abdoulaye Timbo falls. The latter did not appreciate refusing his colleague from South Yeumbeul, the liberal Bara Gaye, to welcome the Women's Minister, Salimata Diet Dieng. The latter went to introduce millions, freezers and millmills in the town of Yeumbeul South.


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"Irresponsible. The mayor is irresponsible How can someone, in this case, the Women's Minister, express her wish to offer $ 15 million to borough women, and the administrators of the Mayor, and the latter refuses to welcome the ministerial authority for political politics reasons? "Les Echos carried Abdoulaye Timbo away. In the face of the Mayor of Bara Gaye, Timbo asks people to punish the Liberal mayor at the next local elections.

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