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Minister of Justice, Justice Minister, came yesterday to restore the roll of Senegal to the General Periodic Review (UPR) in Geneva, Switzerland, from 5 to 9 November, following the introduction of his 3e national report. Speaking on this occasion, Ismala Madior Fall said that our country had incorporated 228 of the 256 recommendations made for the latest edition of the General Periodic Review (UPR).

256 recommendations were made, regarding continuity and strengthening efforts to effectively make the rights of vulnerable people, in Senegal. "Out of a total of 256 recommendations, our country has received 228 primarily for strengthening and continuing efforts to make the rights of vulnerable people, women, children, people with disabilities or children more effective, age," he said. ; the Minister for Justice. According to him, the recommendations received by Senegal during his visit are also encouraging and invitations to continue the continuing efforts mentioned in the national report, that any State, with respect to human rights, man, can not question. "The last visit of Senegal dates back to 2013, and here Senegal came back to present its report. In presenting this report from a delegation that I led myself, the country outlined all the achievements made by Government as part of public policies to improve civil and economic and social political rights. We reviewed all the policies made in Senegal, including human rights, social protection, protecting the rights of women, children, people with disabilities. All these attempts made have been presented. During this presentation, Senegal's report was appreciated, the international community congratulated Senegal for the efforts made, "said Ismala Madior Fall.

In addition, he said that the 28 recommendations rejected by Senegal focus on reforming the specific provisions of the Family Code relating to women's rights and LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) rights. "The delegation has reached a clear position on this issue of LGBTI by seriously saying that Senegal's society is not ready to promote homosexuality yet. Apart from these questions, all the recommendations that have been received are accepted. In relation to the need to ensure that the Senegal Human Rights Committee complies with the standard of Paris. Everything about children's rights, women's rights has been accepted, "he said. Before continuing, "for all of this, Senegal was elected for the 3e Times for the UN Human Rights Council. From January 2019, our country will assume the presidency of the UN Human Rights Council sitting in Geneva for 2 years.

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