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EESC Bureau: Macky Sall calls for the application of equality

Dakar, November 29 (APS) – The Head of State, Macky Sall, officially placed the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC) on Wednesday, an opportunity to encourage the application of the principle of equality in the constitution of office and institution .

"We must respect the principle of equality in the Office of Economic, Social and Environmental Council's constitution," said President Sall at the ceremony.

According to him, "this ceremony has a special meaning as it closes five successful years of this organization and opens a new season, identifying the start of a new mission for some and others, a new level of service to & # 39 ; I rendered the nation ".

He also renewed "his confidence as the President of the EESC, Aminata Tall", as well as "all his members".

This institution, who has raised the head of state, is "one of the strongest inclusive governance bases".

EESC members are required to start thinking about the changes that must be taken with the apparent Senegal Scheme. [PSE]as some of the administration to enable citizens to be satisfied with the service they receive ".

"I'll invite you to continue to pay special attention to the operation of the PES and to open all social groups listen to this calm mass," says the head of state.

President Sall also recalled "the independence of the unions, headteachers and policies that are part of this institution", stating that it takes a lot of wisdom to the managers.

"All these members of the organization called a high sense of responsibility" and to show "an unexpected commitment".

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