Sunday , March 7 2021

Dragonfly creates slingers in Google

There are several hundred Google workers (and signatures are added regularly) expressing their opposition to the Dragonfly project in public. After revealing this summer, this project was officially recognized by the Google manager last month.

Dragonfly is a search engine project developed by Google to be compatible with the rules of censor authorities in China. The Intercept discussed the possibility of connecting consumer phone numbers to their search queries.

Emphasizing that China represents almost 20% of the world's population, Sundar Pichai justified at the Wired25 Summit, a mission to provide information in accordance with the law in each country, and to provide better quality information than on our currently in China.

" Our opposition to Dragonfly does not have anything to do with China: we oppose technologies that help powerful people to the most vulnerable, whereverver ", write Google employees" slingers. "

They continue: " Certainly, the Chinese government is not just in preparation to break freedom of expression and use surveillance to eradicate disputes. Dragonfly in China would set a dangerous precedent in an unstable political moment, a precedent which would make it harder for Google to reject concessions similar to other countries. "

Their application is to be co-ordinated to give Dragonfly the best with a call from Amnesty International: " Google should fight for Internet where information is available to everyone, without supporting the other option of Chinese government. The NGO recalls that Google is leaving the search market in China in 2010, designating restrictions on freedom of expression online in 2010.

In another light, Google employees this year have been behind the end (in 2019) of collaboration with the group with the Pentagon in the Maven artificial intelligence project framework.

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