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Donald Trump is giving the green light to the transition to the Biden administration

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Donald Trump announced in the early evening, Monday, Nov. 24, that he was allowing the transfer of the transition to Joe Biden’s administration, more than two weeks after announcing the victory of the Democratic candidate whose crooked welcome team allows “power transfer peacefully ”.

Donald Trump on Monday authorized the US administration to implement the transition process for President-elect Joe Biden, giving him access to funds and reports, even as the outgoing president pledged to continue to challenge election results . November 3 presidential election.

The outgoing Republican president abstained from directly recognizing Joe Biden’s victory by promising to follow ” fair fight »As he multiplies the legal remedies, without success, to try to show fraud during the November 3 ballot.” Nevertheless, in the best interest of our country, I recommend “That the government agency responsible for the transfer of power does” what is required in terms of protocols, and I have asked my team to do the same He tweeted.

« I take this role very seriously and, given recent developments relating to legal remedies and certification of electoral results, I am conveying this letter to ensure that you have the resources and services available to you. Emily Murphy, director general of Trump administration services, wrote in a letter to Joe Biden.

Camp Biden welcomes hope of ‘peaceful transfer of power’

The announcement comes as Michigan, a fateful state for the Nov. 3 poll, certified a little earlier the results give the winner to Joe Biden. Trump’s legal moves to overturn the results in key states have almost all failed. ” What prompted this formal recognition was that Michigan had certified that Joe Biden had won, Pennsylvania too, Georgia had already awarded Joe Biden: the United States made their official victory statements and so did not. no more entitlement is possible Explains Célia Belin, associate researcher at the Brookings Institution.

In a statement, Joe Biden’s transition team said it will begin meetings with federal government officials to discuss addressing the health crisis, national security and other issues. This resolution provides ” to the next administration the resources and support necessary to implement a peaceful and smooth transfer of power “, Joe Biden’s team manager Yohannes greeted Abraham in a statement.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden did not wait to build his future housekeeping team gradually revealing his faces.

At no point did he leave himself to be disturbed by Donald Trump’s appeals that he brushed aside as merely a temporary delay. Fifteen days later, it has completely transformed.

“Donald Trump will keep this political story”

So it’s a step back implemented by Donald Trump. The current White House tenant does not acknowledge, in his personal capacity, that he lost the election. ” He said, he does not recognize defeat and considers he still has many assets to prove that he won. Simply put, he was starting to get under pressure, which is compounded especially in his own camp with some of his loyalists, like Chris Christie, who asked that Joe Biden’s triumphant administrative recognition sluice gates be triggered. as this formal and administrative recognition allows for transfer between outgoing and incoming teams », Explains Célia Belin. On the other hand, the expert concludes, “ Donald Trump will keep this political narrative, even if not based on any reality, to build his future career. »

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