Tuesday , January 26 2021

Dathlu Dakar, Thiès and Mbacké

On February 24, more than 6 million Senegalians are called to the surveys to choose their president. Election with multiple issues given the forthcoming events.

For the first time in Senegal's political history, candidates were forced to pass an incredible test of sponsorship. There is a filter out of what many excusers left plugs. They were 27 at the beginning but on the finish line, 5 proved that they had actually been placed in the race. Their names are Macky Sall, Ousmane Sonko, Idrissa Seck, Madické Niang and Issa Sall.

After a period of campaigning before any propaganda was banished, we arrived at the serious things this Sunday. In less than 24 hours, the election campaign itself will be launched and 21-day candidates will have to run for Senegal.

During these three weeks of hard work, the Quinté will be led to present his Senegal program to win the Jackpot on February 24th before a possible second round. But the composers are special about being able to access the location and location, so the strategic choice of cities where their campaign will be started.

For the candidate Macky Sall, he will be in Mbacké. A large meeting anticipated by a caravan in the holy city of Touba has planned. For the president going out, he will be "charming" of the Touba constituency, but especially the murder. Except he could encounter one of her challengers, in this case, Me Madické Niang. Surprisingly with the patronage, former minister Abdoulaye Wade also chooses the city of Mbacké to start his campaign.

Idrissa Seck is expected to have many supporters in Thies. Nothing surprising. The mayor of the city of the railways seems to be a logic to confirm its home's dominance, even if it was beaten in the section during the last legislation.

The capital of Senegal will also be in the lights with the great collections that will hold Ousmane Sonko and Issa Sall. The SonkoPresident candidate will communicate with the residents of Dakar through a Great Meeting at Boulevard De Gaule. Prior to this meeting, the main patroner will cross the arteries of the capital for an election caravan.

Candidate of the Party of Undod and Rally (PUR), El Hadj Issa Sall in the suburbs, will be exactly in Pikine. Guinaw Rail's urban land will be holding a "purgers" meeting that will start the election campaign.

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