Saturday , February 27 2021


Vincennes's address this Wednesday and Argentan price, competition for subjects of 6 years did not win € 195,000. However, the armed tricolor will be very good, and some elements still have a small edge to earnings and aging well. If we do not have to do with champions, CONCERTO COINTERIE, will be excellent in the last few months and back in Vincennes, and CLASSIC HAUFOR, the top of our favorite two, will face CASTING DE CHENU, well-known at this level, and COUNT OF MAPLE, the winter class at the beginning. Then let's talk about THE AFR CHRIST, in its category, CAPITAL CHARM, which can delete the cards, and CLASS ACTION, the question mark at the beginning. The boyfriend was ARON THE BARON, but she was barely attractive during her two appearances on the main route so far …

The Foundation:
The training of Christian Bigeon, this son of Jag de Bellouet is going to a good condition gradually, which has now won two exercises after one year when he has not run much after his good winter meeting, a meeting came to I have two successes here. Recently at fault at a short distance while it could be set, this time the classic course, once again untied, will be better to be much more dangerous, including for the victory. Good luck!

A horse that is always presented on the wisest route, this resident, Nicolas Dromigny, will take part in what will definitely be in his last year of year, a year that has be excellent. Indeed, since April, he was fourteen, and only a ban that deprived him of the podium at this break, with the key of the first seven times of prizes! The great season in the province, it will return to Vincennes on Wednesday with the ambition to finish in the beauty of this beautiful period that he saw rising in earnings. Secondly Lupine Crystal in Pontchâteau recently, he will be foot again and will find Franck Nivard, the driver he has been associated with once, paid out of victory. It's up to him to prove that he has the size in Paris.

The richest of this student Jean-Michel Baudouin, is about an element that will evolve in a category that he is. More often than a winner, however, he is constantly in his results, after making a beautiful first part of the year 2018 before benefiting from a few months break to resume the freshness with sight on this winter meeting. There are two races in the legs now, with layers, they will have won a condition compared to a last race, having to show a better face. Good theoretical good, inevitably, the person who knows how to be in a good position.

The quality Mare, this woman from Prince Gede continues genuinely and is not safe from nonsense in a course, as her music notes. Having said that, in its good days, she can do very nice things, having won here last year at the same time, but also in the spring in many constitutionalities with 1 & # 13; 39; & # 39; 2 beautiful on the course of the day. After returning to Angers, it is innocent, she will be presented partly deferred, a condition that has many beautiful benefits. One of the best ones in this test.

Denis Brossard Training, we are making a long journey with this son, Isléro Bellouet, which is completely impractical since the spring, in keeping with good performance. Eleven rays since the end of March for five victories and so many podiums, he was fifth at his last appearance in Vincennes, leading before crossing the finish line. He has moved on since then and his last race in Bordeaux was very good, confirming that he was still in perfect shape. Also note that it will be presented for the unplanned event, which has not been the case for eight months … The perfect trouble celebrates it short!

Sebastien Guarato's training, this, is usually worthwhile, a subject that could have expected a better career in general but continues to defend well in his class. If it does not seem to have any other edge, he must engage in each other in a competition and to be regular in his results. If it can not be avoided, it will be a good place for candidates.

And TQQ Allanol:
Another horse is taking part in this Camargue award, this representative of the Victoria Dreams Stable jacket has been driven by Grégory Thorel does not really shine on a regular basis. Having said that, he can be beautiful in his good days, who knows how to finish his career. Although it is often waiting, with the risks this means, it seems to be able to leave better now, which offers new tactical opportunities to Pilots … Skeptically, it was still still not bad at the moment of fault in the Argentinian Prix recently, a race earned in 1 & # 39; 13 & # 39 ; & # 39; 1 gan Coach Franbleu. If I install it back, it's one of those who could play the win with the right course …

One of the questions at the beginning of this competition is the candidacy of this resident, Charles Dreux. Indeed, if she was one of the most successful, she had done very beautiful things during the 2016/2017 meeting, then she had a long career, almost a year, before return to the competition. start & year Although he had proven that she had returned to a good level, but now she looks more delicate than he was in the past. Still, Jean-Michel Bazire will be sulky and will evolve in his best conditions of letting, that he remains a great performance. I prefer in the near future the withdrawal situation asks "to see" …

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