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CHRISTMAS TO CRY BABY are our favorites


The 1,500m course of Chantilly's fiber-sand track will be raced by 16 salads aged 5 and over on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, in the racist Jocker Award. In a great form, new APRILIOS show that he still has a chance of worth 35 and should fight for the leading roles. Watch for a baby, a recent winner at this level with Australian blinders, REBEL LIGHTNING, regularly and close to the day, and INSEO, who is waiting for a second place on this course . For the places, let's quote JUMPIN JACK FLASH, according to the disadvantage with ambitions, DARK AMERICAN, who returns back at Christophe Soumillon, RHYBUDDI company with her value and a good location at the stands, and NUEE ARDENTE, already wheat on this track and engage well at the bottom of the table.

The Foundation:
After installing under higher value last season, April then fits with the failures, resulting in a reduction in its value. He took the opportunity to return to win, recently at this level, and continues on a good trip despite 5 pounds of penalty. It has room to improve again and publishes itself as one of the candidates for the rounds.

And TQQ Allanol:
Yann Barberot is protected, Cry Baby has talked about her after the significant decline in her value. She had won on this track last spring on this route and will be provided again with Australian tights here for expected confirmation. Having trusted Cristian Demo at all times, she could double the benefit.

Student Patrick Monfort, Rebel Lightning, has made three phases in the previous year and continues to highlight in this category. Trustees have the benefits of choice for several months and go well with Stéphane Pasquier. In a form, he should logically fight for places on the podium.

10 – INSEO
Pensioner Stéphane Wattel, Inséo finds it hard to regain taste for success but will rarely disappoint the track. It's finished on the podium of two to a final three quarters in this type of tournament and will be back with the blinders. After locating well in the stands, he formed a duke shock with Grégory Benoist and appears to be instrumental to play the leading roles.

A very good season author, Jumpin Jack Flash has come to the finish perfectly with success on the Bordeaux mile, then a fourth and encouraging place on this route, despite 5 pounds of penalty. He has made wise feedback for this campaign, and appealed to Olivier Peslier. Warning.

Angel Rejected Angel rejected his attempt at the end of November in Deauville, but he was bought on this course, with a fifth good place, close to the podium that day. Prior to that by Cavaprun, finally shorter, he found his distance and category with justification claims.

Wearing Jean-Claude Seroul's jacket, Mystery was inconsistent in this category the previous season, but he finished well with two wins in shorter field races. He continues on an interesting journey at Cagnes-sur-Mer mile at this level and P-C Boudot will be chatting here. With number 1 in the stalls, it should be part of the leading group in the first few meters and it could make an impression.

Soave's daughter, Nuée Ardente likes this track and made promising feedback on this distance to Deauville, after a long absence. She finds a commitment to choose to pressure and Eddy Hardouin will be responsible again. Under proper value, she has assets to take a lot.

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