Sunday , January 17 2021

Cékoi returns to good results. PARIS TURF



Not always reliable, Cékoi proved in the case of Monday, February 4 at Vincennes, the price of Chartre-on-the-Loir, that he was in a great way. He has become a parade at this event, and he has 17 seven-year drummers on the 2,850 meters of the track.

Seventeen seven-year-old drots were struggling in the case of Monday, February 4 in Vincennes, the Chartres-sur-le-Loir Awardbut we've lost one of them since Ticket To Travel (6 – Alexandre Abrivard) galloped and logically disqualified. In the meantime, Cékoi (9 – Franck Nivard) settled in the order in front younger (10 – Damien Bonne), Carmine (3 – Björn Goop) a Gold Champion (16 – Matthew Abrivard). I went ahead of the stalls, the jobs changed completely since at the price of a nice effort at the back Famous Tragedy (Yoann Lebourgeois), Titanium Carbon (17 – Hugo Langeweg Jr) must take the order, after the blame younger Who was then before. Titanium Carbon animation & operations Cékoi, having set well wakes it up, Cali des Bosc (2 – Gabriel-Angel Pou Pou) a Famous Tragedy. In the climb, we noted that beautiful was close to it Cagnard de Betton (15 – Benoit Robin), who came to stand behind the first.

In the last time, we always had the same on the outputs, except that Famous Tragedy pays its efforts and disappears from the leading group. To go to the straight line, Cékoi went on the offensive and left at the place and place Titanium Carbonwho gave some signs of distress. Resident Florent Lamare flew away and reaches the post in a pole site, in every relaxation. Patients on a third line, along the rope, Carmine Easily find the opening in the straight line to install Titanium Carbon, who had to settle for the second entry without hesitation however. After a long wait, Cactus Yvel (14 – Charles Bigeon) a Gold Champion Finish fast in the middle of the track and complete to the right combination of Quinté +.

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