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Cameroon: drop in investment in electronic communications in 2017


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13.11.2018 at 14:18

Cameroon recorded, with CFAF 305.355 billion (excluding entry and renewal fees) a decrease of approximately 23.85% of investments made in electronic communications in 2017, compared to a previous year, in after the Regulatory Agency sector (CELF) report that received APA Tuesday consort copies. After the unpublished drop recorded in 2016, the turnover of the sector, during the study period, Twf renewed from 3.21 % to 596.133 billion FCFA excluding taxes, an increase of 18.55 billion FCFA in a year.

In the same sector, reporting the CELF, the evolution of the number of mobile subscribers and Multiple Access Code Division (CDMA) has accelerated in 2017 to 4.78%, indicating that the operators control the provisions in the identification setting subscribers and final equipment of electronic communications networks.

So such subscribers were 20.3 million for a country of around 25 million, which represents a population penetration rate of 87.46%, up by 1.82%. , compared to 2016 (85.64%), while conventional wire, kept by Telecommunications Camera (CAMTEL, public company) know a rapid increase of 55.86%.

Paradoxically, the regulator noted, the voice of voice traffic for mobile operators fell for the first time by 3.89%, a direct decline attributable to the evolution of the use of mobile Internet services, the volume used in 2017 is increasing. There are still 72.9% to 53.6 billion megabytes, the number of SMS traffic sent on mobile networks exploding with a jump of 83.3% over 2016 to 23.18 billion published SMS.

In terms of consumer usage, Cameronia's mobile network subscriber spent an average 1058.71 FCFA per month for the use of electronic communications services offered by mobile operators.

In terms of Internet subscribers, all technologies were considered, their number also increased by 2017 by 2.39%, earning 193,487 new subscribers in a year to reach 8.27 million people, reaching a share 35.64% of the national population is larger 3 out of every 10 cameras that are regularly linked.

Similarly, mobile pay services received explanatory evolution in 2017, according to the CELF, confirming their anchor in the use of subscribers that reached 8 million (+ 110,24%), the volume transactions increased by 288.96% to 106 million of SMS messages, with an average subscriber producing 13.25 transactions during the last year.

On the other hand, the number of direct employees in the electronic telecommunications sector, ie 6725 employees, decreased by 6.29% compared to 2016, while indirect jobs were estimated to be more than 300,000 employees. 2017.

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