Friday , August 12 2022

Burberry's clothing brand eliminates a jumper responsible for suicide.


Screenshot Instagram (liz.kennedy_)

This is not for everyone's taste to flow to close the sweat collar. The debate therefore triggered the internet that the brand must pull out the sales model.

Burberry clothing model from the fall / winter collection 2019-2020 did not release the desirable effect on the public. This brown sugar sweat hoodie, tied to close its collar, caused a great incidence among Internet users. I'm accused of urging suicide.

"Suicide is not fashion"

During the Fashion Week held on Sunday in London, the model was presented to the public. The model Liz Kennedy, who is amazed by this fashion design, has unfortunately posted her picture on her Instagram account. One message matches the cliché: " Suicide is not fashionable. I do not understand how you could leave such a look as to tie a neck on the podium […] especially in the collection of young women, printable youth ".

The model has been removed from the collection

The model, which had run for Burberry that day, said his "shame". This Wednesday, the general manager of the brand had official communication, saying he himself Sorry for the discomfort caused ".

And to continue: " I call Mrs. Kennedy apologized as soon as I heard about it. […] The design was inspired by the marine theme but it was a sensitive lack and we made a mistake. I never intend to hurt anyone. It does not reflect my values ​​or some of Burberry ".

Burberry has removed the model of its collection.

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