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Bundesliga – Bayern Munich: Franck Ribery is about change with a TV advisor?


With two goals in just 15 minutes, PSG has made a crew of the Monaco poor team Sunday (0-4) who won a 13 winner in so many L1 days this season. Edinson Cavani scored a hat-trick for his return.

The analysis

What inevitably appeared before the work was done well. As expected, the PSG was wearing a team of Monaco in doubt and greatly reduced by Sunday absences at the end of the 13th day of L1 (0-4). With a goal past Edinson Cavani, the Parisians have continued their indebted league, now with 39 points on as many possibilities and 13 in front of Lille at the stalls. The Monegasques are still banned in the same place, with the same record as the Red Lantern Guingamp. We had a great deal of hope before the game, because of the 14 unavailable players and their negative negative scenarios where they were held since mid August. But they did not do anything to give them the best to create the sport. They offered the first goal to the Parisians on actions that are almost pity, have harvested situations to open the scoring, to equalize or reduce the gap before break and hold them off scoumoune, with the outputs on the Nacer Chadli and Jordi Mboula injury.

In this context Monaco has never managed to turn into a Cup match, as Thierry Henry wanted in the game before, PSG did not even have to force his talent to walk against his dolphin last season . He was so wandered that he played a small trot after taking the break after a quarter of an hour. He even managed the sport of putting himself in danger, through defense boxes and assaults where everyone wanted to go for his sport, drawing him the cover. Committed directly to any goal in Paris this Sunday, which is the first in this season's league, even if the penalty causes a 0-4 late in the game, Kylian Mbappé also leaves Principality in particularly frustrated not to scratch on his former club's field, as last season. But it will have every opportunity to eliminate this disappointment during the international break with the French team. The next couple of weeks will be the opportunity for the ASM to try to wash their heads. And it will not be too much …

Movie of the game

4 minutes (0-1)
Neymar starts offensive from a full axis festival in Paris and is changing Diaby, whose center is badly cleared by Monegasque defense. D. He sat down and put the ball back to Neymar, whose arrow from the left crosses too much. But Cavani is present in the far post to push the ball to the empty goal. Reported from the border, the Uruguay attacker was in a legal position according to the video.

11 minutes (0-2)
Neymar launches Mr Diaby at the back of Monegasque defense, very high. The young couple are taking the ball well and weigh Benaglio before serving him, perhaps inadvertently Cavani, who throws himself to push the ball again in the empty goal they support. Once again, the referee had identified an offside from Mr Diaby, but the decision is reversed after interrupting the video.

26 minutes
D.Sidibé is overflowing to the right and sends a good center that S.Diop breaks in the first post. The ball has extended to the second, where Mboula is on its own to six meters to resume. But FC FC Barcelona is spoiling this huge opportunity by sending his shot over.

38 minutes
Free ezentic quiz on the left for PSG. Instead of sending a center in the box, Neymar plays at height with Nkunku, all only at 30 meters. The middle of Paris triggers boring and annoying strikes that Benaglio must use to get rid of the ball under his bar.

39 minutes
After Paris's corner is badly cleared by defending ASM, Nkunku and Mr Diaby combine to get the second to a shooting site. Its scratch from the left in the axis goes to the corner side and Benaglio will be a great flight to avoid KO's goal. i'm people.

45 minutes + 3
A great move in Paris, starting with Draxler's acceleration on the left, is a support for Nkunku who is back in the heels of the race and ends with shooting a curling to beat Benaglio. Initially, the goal will be set before the video is rejected for a situation away from Germany.

53 minutes (0-3)
On actions built long by the PSG, Rabiot finds the gap by launching Mr Diaby at the back of Monaco's defense. Then the "titi" Paris refers to a perfect center for Cavani, which has only to close close to the treble release.

56 minutes
At the end of self-led fighting, D.Sidibé takes an opportunity. He's rejected by Kimpembe, but the ball returns to Isidor, whose half volley is a little defended by Nkunku at the outset far from placing Areola. Finally, the PSG goalkeeper sees the leather licking his left job.

64 minutes (0-4)
Penalty for PSG. L.Badiashile pushes the M.Diaby center poorly, directly on Mbappé, which refines D.Sidibé and causes fault of the Monegasque side. Neymar cares for the sentence and takes Benaglio against the feet with a lot of composite.

66 minutes
After finding out between the lines, Draxler has installed the Monegasque defense to the shift Nkunku, which is the focal point for Mbappé. The Blues assault before Jemerson resumes, but Benaglio pushes foot to the first post.

78 minutes
A new sequence where the VAR must intervene. On a ball at the entrance to the surface, Rabiot Mbappé launches at the back of the Monegasque defense. With a body, the world champion plays Benalgio before finishing the work in a closed angle. But it is finally notified of the end, a decision that has been authenticated by the video.

Tops and flops


Three shot, three pictures, three goals: CAVANI has shown the maximum efficiency of its return as the owner at the forefront of the PSG attack. Little seen in the game, Uruguay internationally realized exactly what is expected of it. Even if his night was not enough to abolish the argument on his assassination with the friends of the assault.

After aligning in a left piston role, as in Nice, for example, M.DIABY made a feast in her hall. He served two assistants to Cavani and he would deserve a goal on a nice strike on the left. He focused more on his abusive work than on his defensive duties, but it was an evening to enjoy.

THIAGO SILVA again made a clean copy in the Paris defense axis. Not all of his partners were very concerned with the withdrawal, as he was determined to bring a clean leaflet of the trip to Monaco. Unfortunately in every duel and rising.


In the back since the beginning of the season, D.SIDIBE received a new ordeal on his right hand side. His totally lost release offered the opening score and launched such a difficult night alike. Suffering from Mr Diaby's call, he gave a suspendable penalty charge. The thing is to ask how it is done to maintain its place in the French group.

Another competition in Monaco, FALCAO has two opportunities to put his team in the right direction early in the game. But he did not have technical accuracy as well as responsiveness to deliver. Then it disappeared from the traffic to return only to its exit after an hour of play. Spirit that has run on Louis-II lawn.

An incredible host of the French championship, JEMERSON has continued to see his plumbing performance since then. Brazil's central defender has suffered a great deal, especially at the location and in the dues. Even the young L.Badiashile, who first honored at L1 at the age of 18, has released more distress.

Referee to report

Without the VAR, the referees would have been wrong in the opinion of four situations of offside, with a goal every time at the end of Paris. Absolute errors caught by the video, to the delight of Ruddy Buquet, who had quiet control quietly with little density.

The game sheet

L1 (13th day) / MONACO – PSG: 0-4

Louis II (about 12,000 viewers)
Rainfall – a good lawn
referee : M.Buquet (5)

notes : Cavani (4th, 11th and 53th) and Neymar (64th sp) for PSG

warning : None

forgive him : None

Benaglio (6) – D.Sidibé (2), Jemerson (3), L.Badiashile (4), Henrichs (3) – Chadli (without scale) then Mboula (21st) then Isidor (49th), Ait-Bennasser (4), Pelé (4) – To grow (3), Falcao (cap) (2) then Massengo (69th), S.Diop (4)

He did not take part : L.Badiashile (g), Pierre-Gabriel, Panzo, K.Thuram-Ulien
coach : T. Henry

Areola (5) – Kehrer (6), Thiago Silva (cap) (7), Kimpembe (5) – Nkunku (5) then Choupo-Moting (78th), Rabiot (5), Draxler (6) then N & S; Soki (69eg), M.Diaby (7) then Di Maria (78th) – Mbappé (5), Cavani (8), Neymar (7)

He did not take part : Buffon (g), Meunier, Verratti, L.Diarra
coach : T.Tuchel

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