Friday , October 30 2020

Best Buy: Value Day Wall Street – BEST BUY is a firm first quarter recording

Best Buy is shrinking 4.41% to 66.15 Wall Street dollars after news sources warn that any further tariff cuts on Chinese imports will lead to price rises, which will be felt by US consumers. A publication that clips a firm first quarter. Over the period, the group set earnings adjusted per share of $ 1.02, up 24.4% from the previous year. This exceeds market expectations of 87 cents per share.

On its behalf, turnover reached $ 9.14 billion, up 1.1%, in line with expectations.

"The first quarter was a strong quarter and a good start to the year," said Hubert Joly, Best Buy President and Chief Executive.

“We achieved similar sales sales growth at the top end of our forecast and achieved a higher than average profitability, and in addition to these strong financial results, we continued to make significant progress in implementing our Best Buy 2020 strategy to achieve this. We enrich our lives through technology and further develop our competitive differentiation, "he added.

For the whole year, Best Buy confirmed its forecast despite comments on tariffs.

So the group expect earnings to be adjusted by a share of between $ 5.45 and $ 5.65 and a turnover of $ 42.9 billion to $ 43.9 billion.

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