Friday , December 4 2020

Barthélémy Dias wants a vote in peace, attracting inconsistencies

Dakar, 24 February (APS) came – Barthélémy Dias, close to Khalifa Sall, the coalition 's support; In May 2019, I wish to vote in peace without taking inconsistencies at Mass Massaer's center Niane of SICAP Baobabs that houses 5040 to register in eight polling stations.

Mr Dias, who made his homework at 11 o'clock in the office, immediately after his father's trip, Jean Paul said: "I wish every Senegal and Senegal to vote in peace and in particular I call the authorities Administrative of those responsible for the organization of this election.

When he came to the voting center, Mr Dias was questioned by one of his supporters, who had indicated inconsistencies in the conduct of voting.

The coalition leader "Idy 2019" was not on the list of deputies while an activist of the same coalition kills the absence on the electoral register.

Both held their voter cards with office registration and polling place, according to Dias.

"It is unacceptable that a citizen who holds a voter card whose center will be stopped and an office will be refused to vote," said Barthélémy Dias.

"In fact, it continued, there is an electoral fraud strategy that was started. It is the responsibility of the authorities of Senegal to exercise this right given to them by the constitution.

"The Senegalians must not accept that they oppose the right to vote on the excuse that their name does not appear on the lists. Up to Senegal to make themselves understand and hear. I do not think that they should accept that today, "said Dias.

"The electoral law states that every citizen of Senegal who holds a voter card, on his back must register, his center and a polling station, voting," he said.

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