Saturday , May 21 2022

Barrier gestures: Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr lets hover over the threat of “ binding measures ”


Dakar, Dec 5 (APS) – The Minister for Health and Social Action is calling on the populations to respect the barrier measures against COVID-19 themselves, which is at risk of public authorities taking restrictive measures.

“I would like to call for the mobilization and commitment of all populations so that together we can curb the spread of the virus by ourselves to avoid taking restrictive measures,” he said.

The Minister for Health and Social Action intervened shortly before the daily update on the state of coronary virus disease, of which 100 new contaminants were announced on Saturday.

These new contaminations bring 16,397, the number of COVID-19 cases recorded in Senegal since March 2, the country’s outbreak date, for 15,731 cured patients and 337 died, which n 328 waits. patients under treatment, according to the Director of Prevention.

The trend of new cases of coronavirus has been increasing in Senegal for a few weeks, a little at first with 20 to 30 positive cases daily, against ten in recent weeks, more and more thereafter until 100 new contaminations are reached this Saturday. .

Last Wednesday, at the Council of Ministers, the President of the Republic had asked for the systematic reinforcement of the mask-wearing controls in transport, places and public institutions vis-a-vis the “observed relaxation and relative increase in community cases”.

He insisted on “the imperative to ensure adherence to rules and measures of obstruction during protests and assemblies which must be reduced to the bare minimum”.

The Minister for Health and Social Action noted that, given the increase in new contaminants identified in recent weeks, Senegal is not immune to a second wave.

He insisted on respecting the obstacle measures especially in the field of transport, ensuring that the ministries concerned – Health, Internal and Transport – will make an “all-level” evaluation of the decisions taken at the last National Committee meeting soon. epidemic control (CNGE).

“This is why we must remain vigilant and ensure compliance with deterrent measures,” said the Minister for Health and Social Action.

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