Wednesday , May 25 2022

BAMBEY – Mor Ngom on the failure of Rewmi leader: "Idrissa Seck must stop the people of the Senegal"


Mor Ngom demolished her petition on Idrissa Seck on March 8 in Dangalma, a community where she is the mayor. According to him, an Idy2019 candidate must have a fault on the people of Senegal who gave him the penalty.

The mayor of Ndangalma, Department of Bambey, did not tender with the Idy2019 coalition candidate at the Presidential election on February 24th. At the bottom of the 8th anniversary of his celebration, Mor Ngom said that those who said that Touba the Mourides did not vote for President Macky Sall to say what they wanted. "I'm Mor Ngom, I'm Mouride and I voted with everyone with me to Macky Sall. We can list all the cities that the head of state has won and created by Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba Khadimou Rassoul From Taif to Ndindy, through Darou Miname and Darou Rahman, all the people voted for the coalition candidate, Benno Bokk yaakaar, "he said. Also, the minister advises the Presiding Officer to continue: "Let's be very careful, Caliphal General told President Macky Sall:" You trust you Serigne Touba, because you did a lot for the founder of grief, mourned. I think that's what happened in the elections and the Presiding Officer was re-elected in an exceptional way. "Ngom believes" if Idrissa Seck permits himself to say he had won Touba because he's Mouride, he has not understood anything. Mor Ngom also mentioned his understanding of Serigne Mountakha Mbacké during a coalition Idy2019 visits the day after the announcement of the provisional results. "When the people of the opposition lose and go to squatting before the marabout, the latter told them that they had lost and asked them to accept them defeat, "he said.
Regarding the proposal of Bby Forces who believes that Idrissa Seck should be put under arrest, Mor Ngom said, "Why did someone undergo a house arrest that even a third of even constituents did not? We do not need it. We only leave it with the troops of the Thiès department who, alone, are enough to be able to control it. It does not represent much in this country. People have shown him. If Idrissa Seck is angry about someone, the people in the Senegal who told them no more than once. He's gone. He's just resting him. "

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