Sunday , April 11 2021

Babies objection lazy! (Without Mamadou Bamba Ndiaye)

In terms of the tension of the budget, it is important to note, in Senegal, that the opposition fires on both sides, otherwise there is no debate about the fact that the country of Africa, without an oil producer, can cross a few areas from cross-budget trouble- in a pre-election year. Especially since, as explained by the Finance Minister, Mr Amadou Ba: "This situation would specifically be owed to the choice of authorities to make 2018, a social year". This brave option is characterized by the Head of State by: releasing home burdens, the satisfaction of a number of trade union requirements, including some confined teachers and students, the increase in numbers beneficiaries of family grants, pension revalidation, etc. The most difficult in such a situation are obviously related to the unusual factors, which are reflected in the increase in the dollar price and appreciation of the dollar . Two unusual factors that are unlikely to interfere with the most rigorous budgetary prospects.

Which country in Africa does not know budget tensions at present, could one ask itself?

It would even be possible to extend the question globally.

And "Yellow Vests" in France, do not refusal to say, amongst others, the high cost of living for French homes?

In Senegal, we have experienced times when we were told that wages and months were paid, sometimes by the late El Hadj Djily Mbaye, sometimes by El Hadji Ndiouga Kebe late … Today we are far from assumptions budgetary of this kind, through the Allah race, the Soubhānahou Wata and the wing.

In summary, the most serious grading agencies have given good rates in Senegal, whose economy has located among the best in the region. The opposition only restricts us to a controversial and irrelevant argument through primitive nihilism and intellectual passion.

From the point of view of the famous "opinion" of the International Committee on Human Rights on the case of Karim Wade, it's enough to refer to the Committee's definition and its merits to realize that the political approach is Hold artificially around this issue, a clear desire to get confusion and misunderstanding. "The International Committee on Human Rights is the monitoring body of the Office of the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights, responsible for the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Optional Protocols. ; r 172 States parties to the Covenant, without powers of enforcement, "says the governing texts and the Committee that said. It should also be noted that Senegal has, in all cases, a period of 180 days (06 months) to give its response to this opinion that is not strict. However, a six month period brings us back to May 2019, well after the president has been re-elected or elected. Follow my eyes … This argument does not apply too.

In terms of the "sabotage" demonstration that the opposition intends to organize soon in Paris, it would reveal paradoxes that will notify the lack of maturity (infants) of the opposition. She sometimes denounces collaborating with France, but does not hesitate to complain to the French Embassy, ​​to file a file, she turns off, once it is put online! How can one claim the right to Senegal control and go to foreign lands, with the sole aim of abolishing the image of his country?

If our opponents of white glue, have fun to the streets of Paris, they are free to go there, but through grace they understand that pure patriotism does not allow them to abolish their homeland. the same way. overseas We have never seen here in Senegal, French assault in our streets, to prevent the policies defined and operated by the authorities of their country.

Our opposition would benefit from being more interested in the real concerns of the people, rather than focusing on the "how to access power at any price".

Mamadou Bamba Ndiaye

The Former Minister, responsible for Religious Affairs

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