Wednesday , March 3 2021

Automotive industry: Mahindra tractors congregate soon in Tizi-Ouzou

Soon, Tizi-Ouzou will be the city where the first Mahindra tractor will be convened. Indeed, a single person (Eurl) LD Azouaou limited liability company under the law of Algeria and the Indian group Mahindra Mahindra LTD signed a Sunday agreement in Tizi-Ouzou to create a joint venture for agricultural tractors assembly.

Signed by LD Azouaou, Chief Executive Lahlou Azouaou and Mahindra and Mahindra's International Operations Officer, Arvind Mathew, of this agreement establish an administrative and legal mechanism for creating this company at the headquarters of the LD Azouaou unit on for the agricultural tractor assembly of Mahindra, located in the industrial zone Oued Aissi.

According to this understanding, the Indian partner will maintain a minority share while LD Azouaou retains a majority part, explained. Mr. noted Azouaou that this joint venture, Mahindra, will strengthen its presence in Algeria and will allow the LD Azouaou assembly unit to export and penetrate markets easily and efficiently, especially in North Africa and Europe markets. .

On his behalf, Mr. Arvind, who recalled that the company that is represented, which is currently in 40 countries, sells more than 330,000 tractors a year on a global scale.

In Algeria, where she has been present since 2010, the same company has a total of 32 contact points for commercial and post sales service and 3,200 customers, he said.

The operation of this assembly unit has been asked with an annual production capacity of 3,000 tractors at the beginning of its activity and has a production line of materials that complies with a capacity of 2,700 units / year, the Director of Industry and Mining that the central services in question will introduce the authorization to enter LD Azouaou "seamlessly".

He assured that there was no obstruction to this project completed in less than two years. "The procedure for issuing the license to enter the production follows well and according to the information communicated to us, this problem will be resold soon," he said. .

CEO LD Azouaou said he expected this authorization "since May 2017, in order to be able to enter production and help raise the level of agricultural sector mechanism in Algeria and improve productivity and productivity in this sector".

He reminded that this unit whose realization cost exceeds 2.5 billion AD will create 225 direct jobs at the beginning of production.

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