Monday , November 30 2020

Atpa describes Ter as "disgraceful" and adds important details

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In an interview with the WalfQuotidien newspaper, the architect Pierre Goudiaby Atepa, a candidate in the presidential election has been very keen to Macky Sall and his Ter project describes as a scandal.

"Do you know that Ter does not arrive at the airport? Do you also know that this 30 km Limit costs around a billion euros and the Tgv Moroccan that was opened on Thursday, cost € 2 billion and 300 km. When you face such options, you think we can not manage this country ", says Pierre Atepa Goudiaby.



On an ongoing basis, the architect reveals she asks her at the time of Abdoulaye Wade, if we could get Indians to carry out a feasibility study of the Dakar-Tambacounda-Kolda railway.Ziguinchor.

"All the studies are there and the same price as Ter. When I see things like this, I say no, I'm a patriotic who is # 39 Given all Senegal's little children as their own and who want them a better future, do not say radiant. I know it's possible, he says.


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