Saturday , January 23 2021 Artprice: the best artists under 40

Artprice: the best artists under 40

Artprice offers an auction site to enable you to solve the main trends of the Market Market. This week, Artprice has looked at the new generation auction auction. Motion: an artist under 40 can be appreciated more than a million dollars today.

Thierry Ehrmann: "They are six. Six new generation artists to share 10 best results & 2018. Among them, two have met miller makers: the young Chinese HAO Liang & The American artist of the origin of Nigeria Njideka Akunyili CROSBY. Everyone earns a two million million sale for their 35 years of existence. "

The presence of the two new lectures of contemporary art is not surprising …

Receipts CROSBY Vs. Hao


Two young millionaires

Njideka Crosby has been making her a name since 2014, when she received her contemporary art award from the Smithsonian American Museum of Art. In the field of a specific auction, the appearance of his work has been shaking the market since 2016, the year of his first public auction and the result of a first millionaire. She now has seven.

Seven million dollars lead to two years that lead the new generation of African-American artists shaking the market. He left his record to more than $ 3m in 2017 in Christie's in London for a canvas drawing the artist's sister (The Beautiful Ones, March 2017), whose buyer at Peggy Cooper Cafritz, is an operator in favor of equal treatment between the Americans, a great collector of African African and African art, who died last year.

Initially, America's demand has spread rapidly to Asia (with a successful sale Time in New Haven, Enugu, For more than $ 900,000 in Christie's in Hong Kong on May 27, 2017). The offer is not thick enough to meet current craze: its work is still in auction and the one has never suffered the biggest sales failure.

The artist, who has already received the support of an important gallery through Victoria Miro in London, has been defended since last November by the powerful David Zwirner Gallery in Asia and the US.

We have to look at the Chinese market to find the second millionaire meteor 2018. This is Hao Liang, who was already talking about it in 2014, with an unexpected blow on the auction market when selling work from the name The Story of the Clouds : Long sleeve roll over 13 meters long, obtained for $ 912,000 in Christie's in Shanghai.

The 2018 auction for this young Asian-born young artist was double devotion, with two new millionaire records, including a $ 1.8 million summit set on September 30 in Hong Kong, against a preliminary estimate of between 400,000 and $ 600,000 .

If the market of this wonder has not yet crossed the borders of Greater China, it is not the same for wonder all over the world. With the support of the powerful Gagosian gallery (which included the New York exhibition last spring), the artist is already in the collections of major museums around the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Pompidou Center in Paris or the Kadist in San Francisco.

New straw or peat fire?

Chinese collectors always support their artists, even when they do not have an international influence yet. For proof, there is an appearance in the classification of an artist who knows nothing or almost, unless he has named Jia Chang, in 1981, and disregarded the auction at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing, for sale organized by Poly Auction.

His drawing of the name Elephant (355 x 190 cm) has multiplied to five the initial estimate, completing its race up to almost $ 679 000 on June 17, 2018. It's a spectacular flight that we do not know if it is a plain of straw or if it reflects true support in the medium term …

Another example is the 31-year-old American Avery Singer, who already has a strong curriculum vitae, including in the Reretasburg Sandretto Fondazione (Turin), Kunsthalle Zürich, New Museum (New York) and Hammer Museum. . After studying by museums and media, the young artist sees his score exploding in an auction after a first discreet appearance in Sotheby in London in October 2017.

Despite two unwanted copies in New York last year, this specialist in large fictional compositions in black and white after 3D modeling has not finished our surprise, especially as it seems good around. …

The price of his paintings Fellow Travelers, Flame Creatures has risen from $ 20,000 at its 2013 exhibition at the New York Gallery, Greene Naftali Gallery, to $ 735,000 under the NYC Sotheby hammer in May 2018. Buyer other than Larry Gagosian trader.

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