Thursday , January 28 2021

April 4: Military and civil marches 2010 have been organized in Fatick (official) t

Fatick, Apr 1 (APS) – A total of 2010 military, paramilitari and civil marches were switched on at Fatick for the march marking the 59th anniversary of Senegal's acceptance of international sovereignty, said Governor Gorgui Mbaye on Monday.

"We counted the parade for 2010 participants", said Mbaye, military, paramilitari and civilian, at the end of the great costume exercise held on the great boulevard in Fatick city, as an introduction to the parade on April 4.

Under the supervision of the governor, Fatick officer, Ndèye Guénard Mbodj, the mayor's representative, the military and paralympic authorities, made adjustments and adaptations at different levels, to ensure that the march ran smoothly on 4 April.

During three to four clock revolutions, civilians, soldiers and parameters made several pieces to the rhythm of armed forces music scattered by a music chain, in order to regulate automates and paratroopers thanks to advice and comments; r military authorities.

The governor Gorgui Mbaye, saying he had to comfort from the success of the dress rehearsal, after the review of the soldiers, argued that this exercise was "smelling a very large march from April 4" in t Fatick city.

"We dare to hope that we will be entitled to a very large parade, we have already relocated the location of the official stand, at the main drive roundabout to give more visibility to the march," he said.

"Our procession promises to be very beautiful, we are preparing for it, this is the meaning of this exercise, our training, I do not believe in improvisation, is our you have to train., review and compete, "he said.

Fatick invited people to take a huge part in the national festivals planned on the great boulevard of Fatick city.

"We expect an excellent procession with the participation of our children, our security forces, our societies and even the saltigui, young Malango center will march," he added.

The theme chosen for the 4th of April this year is: "Defense and Security Forces: an example in education for citizenship and national unity".

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