Friday , August 19 2022

An average increase of 10 cents of the stamp price


Although Luxembourg's JOB has not increased stamp prices since 2015, the group announced an average increase of 10 cents on Thursday, February 21 to send a standard letter from the Grand Duchess. The new rates come into force on May 1, 2019.

The price of a standard letter in the first category (up to 50 grams) increases 10 cents for domestic transfer, ie € 0.80. It will cost € 1.05 to send a letter to Europe and € 1.40 for the rest of the world. JOB justifies this revision of tariffs due to the fact that postal revenues are falling, while distribution costs remain the same.

Parcel postage rates, for example, fall: for example, the price of sending a parcel of up to 10 kg decreases from € 1.20, or € 7.20. The group explains this in a statement: "There is a way to support an increasing market, e-commerce, and to encourage parcels from Luxembourg."


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