Thursday , January 27 2022

“Afp will introduce candidate in 2024” (Pape Sagna Mbaye)


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“Afp will introduce candidate in 2024” (Pape Sagna Mbaye)

“The Afp will introduce a candidate in 2024. Of course, we will have a candidate in 2024”, announced this Sunday, on the set of this Sunday’s “Opposition” program, progressive deputy Pape Sagna Mbaye.

Before rephrasing his thinking in these terms: “If we stay in the presidential coalition that presents a candidate, this one will of course be the Afp candidate.”

What about the AFP’s stance on Macky Sall’s potential 3rd season? A former Pikine city councilor underlines: “I, Pope Sagna Mbaye, am not a member of the Constitutional Council. When the time comes, the council will decide. If you ask me if the president is good for Senegal for a third term, I will say yes! ”

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