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According to Rotten Tomatoes, the best films come from Netflix

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According to the various reviews collected by the critical acknowledgment of Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix films are most valued by viewers, in front of the other platforms that are on demand.

y movies Netflix is ​​run much better than other platforms streaming video. According to site data Rotten tomatoes, well-known filmmakers reorganize the views of different judges and Internet users, the giant of video on-demand produces films more appreciated by viewers than those of these competitors.

Fewer movies but more quality on Netflix

The members of the Streaming Observer website, which specialize in news of video platforms, analyzed the different data provided by streaming actors.

There have been 596 movies certified "Fresh" on Rotten tomatoes (which corresponds to "good" for the site) out of 3,839 available. This is much more than Amazon Prime Video, with 232 popular movies out of 17,461 available. Hulu follows 223 "Cool" films out of 2,336 offered and HBO closes riding with only 38 films that are thought to be good and 815 are available.

The singer gradually becomes his own content producer

Rotten Tomatoes are not an absolute test criteria quality or not film, the site's appreciation criteria have argued regularly among the films. But this study shows that Netflix, by offering more than 4 times less of the movies or direct competitor of Amazon, is better targeting the expectations and tastes of its subscribers.

On the other hand, Amazon Prime Video has favored size, even drowning its users under second rate films.

Netflix has significantly reduced its catalog of films bought in different studios to focus on production internally. The service produced or co-financed 85% of the content available in 2018. With the advantage of traditional film studios, there is fine information of all of their subscribers.

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