Thursday , May 6 2021

"A good time is coming" – Barkley asks Chelsea to be patient with Sarri

The weight is placed on the Blues coach, but his referee has asked for patience as he sees an improvement.

Ross Barkley, that chelsea Blues midfielder, insisted "good times come" for the London club, while Maurizio Sarri, the coaches arrived this summer from Naples, is currently facing increasing pressure.

Indeed, Maurizio Sarri's position was questioned at Chelsea before the Carabao Cup final, this Sunday (17:30), against Pep Guardiola in Manchester, but especially after a difficult period marked by three legends placed on Six final games in all competitions.

As a result, Chelsea dropped to the sixth in the Premier League, while Manchester United (0-2) stopped the FA Cup title in the fifth round. So many disappointments that, in recent days, have shown some criticism against the play style and trainer.

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However, Ross Barkley Maurizio Sarri's midfielder defended Saturday. "We're learning every day, we're all top class players and we all want to learn more, and if you compare the first Pep Guardiola (2016-17) season, they've got periods of highlights and a minimum. When I was in Everton, they beat 4-0 ", first of which compared to the former Toffee player.

"You can see in Naples how much it has managed to improve its players"

"We have the ambition to be one of the best football teams in the world. We are one of the largest clubs in the world (…) The desired style The trainer again brings the time, the bad days do not always last, the good times come. "

Between trust and optimism, international England added: "Every trainer has his own approach to games, we did the same thing to Everton under Roberto Martinez, it's just a way of organizing it, he can not help us, personally, I do not think. To improve every player Through Throughout his career, you can see in Naples how much he has managed to improve his players. We have had a period of shortcomings in the last two games, but we are confident that we will get there and succeed. "

It is enough to say that Maurizio Sarri can count on the support of the 25 year old, who has aligned regularly with this season with the residents of Stamford Bridge. However, if optimism is de rigueur, it will show something else this Sunday (17:30), to hopefully bring down the English Champion.

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