Tuesday , May 17 2022

A gob! 500 million new taxes


If this government uses so much energy to reduce its spending as it creates new taxes, our buying power will fly away.

On the menu of the day, the "tax on the Net Net". France is only against the world. What are their fault? Not to pay enough taxes in France thanks to tax optimization.

When you're calling Google, Facebook, Apple or Amazon, is your company's turnover measured in tens or hundreds of millions of euros and to be operating in every country, you have the means to offer a battalion of tax experts to block regulations and barriers to national bureaucrats.

Then the tax race takes a statist that sees "loss to win". Therefore, they provided a 3% tax on the turnover produced in France of online advertising, the use of personal data and sales made on the mediation or linking sites (AirBnB, leboncoin …).

But do not forget that someone always pays tax: shareholders, employees, suppliers or customers. In this case, the customers will be predominantly. More than half will be paid directly by users of these online services, and 40% from French and Medium-sized Businesses that use mediation sites and will then transfer the costs This is to their own customers. And that's how your purchasing power is still having to rotate again.

Bruno Le Maire, Minister for the Economy and Finance, on the subject:

" We want to build taxation of the 21st century, based on the value that exists today: the data that is essentially taxed for an effective tax system and financing our public services, our schools, our nurseries to hysbytai ".

Psssttttt, Bruno, did you cry in the cottages, you could have added the hospices or Ehpad, a small verse on the orphan, and had forgotten the kittin.

Honestly, you think we're still overwhelming that kind of thing. You do not have enough with your € 273.5 billion tax revenue that your malicious deficiency will be programmed to? You have looked at the Court of Accounts report if you can not start at least 500 M € by getting rid of some mess, before we want to take them?


" It is also a question of tax justice. Digital giants pay 14 tax points less than European SMEs. They pay fewer taxes in France than a very big cheek or Quercy cheese producer, this is a problem for me ".

Psssstttt, Bruno, I have a answer to your problem: the smaller tax of the big bakery (the small one too) and the Quercy cheese producer (or somewhere else). Align system tax from below, not from above. You will have fewer red caps or yellow coats, less overtime time for the police and gendarmerie, reduced expenses to restore public roads in the state, less workforce need to keep residential oils in your government home on Saturday.

Your "tax justice" is something virtual. Justice is not necessary, it is not "financial" nor "social". Justice is simply a pre-law equality, a law that is simple, clear, understandable, valid for all, without law, privilege, niche, tax subsidy.

Bruno, I remind you that we are world tax promoters, but:

our teaching (which costs us a lot of money) continues to decline

We are not the bronze medal of Unemployment in the European Union

we fall regularly in terms of economic power

You honestly believe that your GAFA tax at 500 M € will change things?

And then, Bruno, in fact, does not worry that you are alone against each one (OECD, G7, EU) because other countries do not follow us?

Bruno, your slogan is "live happy, live tax", or do you have something else to offer?

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