Wednesday , May 25 2022

a feminist filmmaker where women succeed where men have failed


Realization by Steve McQueen, a 5 star cast, a good dish of feminist and a tall-up plot … Unable to lose this movie steering female.

Setting even more bad heroins than any team in the Paper House collect? What's what the movie offers Widows, has signed Steve McQueen. And if you did not know which movie to see this week in the dark rooms, look no further, we found you.

What's talking about it?

Chicago, today. Four women who do not know each other and have nothing in common are bound by a tragic designation. Their new husbands died in a robbery that went out of place. They force themselves to join the repayment of debts accrued by their dead husbands. The most viable solution? Engage with crime, hoping (re) take their own citizen in their own hands. And to interpret these badass women, it was absolutely necessary actresses that send heavy. With Viola Davis, Cynthia Erivo, Elizabeth Debicki, and of course, Michelle Rodriguez, Steve McQueen realizes simple, no-fault.

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Steering film but not …

os Widows a real genre movie, aka, a movie of turning, indeed, as we like it with all the codes that it's referring, it's also much more than that. Steve McQueen, the most famous director 12 years slaves (impossible to forget), go far further with a new movie. Because, we can say, Widows, is anonymously a feminist film! Here, the female characters are not men's cocks and even less green plants, as in some films of theft. They are determined, strong and intense. And between us, it would almost make us want to try the robbery. But hush!

So, what are you waiting to go to the movies?

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