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5 other women accuse Luc Besson of sexual abuse

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The case continues to make noise and new information has come out about the charges against Luc Besson.

Mediapart has collected evidence from another five women accused Luc Besson of sexual abuse. Although the director is already in distress, during the full #MeToo period, allegations are accrued and languages ​​continue to eradicate: "If these women indicate different severity facts, their stories overlap several points. Most describe at least Luc Besson's mistakes, similar and repetitive behaviors towards very young women who work, or are likely to work with him " explains the newspaper. The majority are women who have worked closely or at a distance with Luc Besson. One of them even claims that he has been an assistant director and producer. It is assumed that there were three sexually unrelated relationships. She even refers to professional appointments that took place at a hotel and turned a nightmare.

From last July, four girls had accused Luc Besson of sexual abuse. Complaints and allegations have not expired since the pre-broke broke the silence. Among those who spoke recently about what he suffered, there are two students from Ysgol y Ddinas, a school on the Luc Besson initiative at Seine Saint Denis. One calls for events during filming the movie Valerian where the director had had inappropriate gestures such as "pig weighs in the throat". The holidays that date from 2012. In 2016, a young girl and another student at Ysgol y Ddinas, Pauline, would have had a similar experience. At the bottom of a school event, Besson would have it "rubbing just behind her"saying, "Do you need to eat huh?" He would even have it "put a hand on the smoke".

Mediapart He also noted that Amanda's evidence was "has been permanently touching the unwanted mask and pig … The hand under the blouse, sometimes under the skirt, as a child trying to screw you without seeing or knowing." Cold back stories and Luc Besson's endless popularity question.

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