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4G: Free Mobile has enabled it to operate its 700 MHz frequencies in more than 20 sections

Free Mobile and other operators (less anxious anyway) are now able to activate their 700 MHz antennas (B28) which were left free by TNT in many France. From July onwards, a new wave of deployment will be used to complete the transfer.

Free 700 mz mobile

1st April 2019 is an important day for the Free Mobile 4G network. The operator (like the others, but who relies less on it) now has the right to operate its 700 MHz frequencies (B28) in several large areas in France, says Universe Freebox. A total of more than twenty departments are involved. As you can see (in red) on the map above, Lower Normandi, Brittany and Center-Val de Loire are served.

Free Mobile can boost their 4G network in part of France with the B28

As a reminder, it was decided at the end of 2014 to release 700 MHz frequencies used by TNT in favor of mobile networks. After a period of bidding between operators, then these frequencies should be phased in between October 2017 (even from 2016 at dele-de-France) and June 2019. The operation was a little late and a # 39 The last wave will start from the end in July this year, when it was originally due to end at the end of June "Update".

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The latter is shown in gray on the map, including Haute-Normandie, the North and the Alps which will be entitled to a more restrictive mobile network. As a reminder, in February 2019, Free Mobile received a new frequency for its 4G network with the B1 (2100 MHz). At the same time, SFR landed on the B28. The operator with the red square is not very concerned about the schedule of locating the 700 MHz frequency.

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