Thursday , May 19 2022

«Your Excellent» .. Younis says in a new bet on the «DMC» screen


Successful editorial of the "Happy" program in the new version of the "DMC" channel after the great success of the program in previous seasons on the "CBC" screen.

The star, Isa's to Younis, started her new tour with the program with a strong connection with the singer Tamer Hosni, who has been absent from TV shows for a pretty, rich and dancing season with & # 39 ; each other to the fire "Aish Beshoukk", in a beautiful and beautiful way.

The episode has created positive reactions, especially through the Twitter blogging website, suggesting that choosing to call Tamer Hosny as the starting point is a good choice.

After the great success of the CBS program, Younis Younis has a new challenge to revive the DMC screen.

The indicators confirm that Youda Yunis can achieve the same success that it has achieved in the CBS, ensuring its own charisma, as well as the popularity of name and program in seasons Previous, and so its chances of success in the DMC are very much.

One of the most important features of its Excellence is to return it to the past and restore its beautiful memories in its own way, which the audience loves.

The station, on the other hand, is extensively betting on the program, especially as some of the entertainment programs that provided it did not achieve the expected success, including the "Cherry" program Studio ", which is a single copy of the channel, and the" Qadah Rajala "program has not achieved remarkable success.

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