Thursday , May 26 2022

«World Explosion» .. Harmony with the man and the economy


What skills do we need to maintain "The Vision of the Kingdom 2030"? Working to reach the summit, even if it's hard, requires similar work to be carried out, but the skills you need and the tools may not reach the top the same as you need to stay on top or pick up even to the top, when you're going to study, analyze and develop the skills needed for the future and with others to develop and adapt their skills, you will inevitably come back, and inevitably it will go on to others, and here the summit reached by the summit has reached a lot , in this broad perception of the work that we need to continually review Our skills For individual personality and faculty, to determine our needs and then the path towards development. With this huge title and a great interest, Musk International will be launching its third edition between 14 and 15 November in Riyadh under the theme "Future Skills" with the participation of prominent international speakers, international partners, and a number of representatives from youth organizations internationally. Young leaders, executive officers, business leaders and government officials and the private sector.
The vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 is based on the core of the essential society, with established values, a strong environment, a strong and prosperous economy, with fertile opportunities, competitive competitiveness, active investment and location exploited. Challenges and opportunities but you need a workforce in proportion to the changes and developments. Here we can cite the main developments that have emerged from the "public" vision of public finances and the development of electronic platforms such as "adoption." There is also great work in privatization, but the success of all this work is based on the increasing pace of Saudi youth skills to implement this modern economy, and also to interact with social changes and which will appear. This is the Musk World Forum this year to give points on the three main themes: "Identify the most important skills that individuals need to succeed in the future economy, and" adapt to the interactive partnership between man and machine "which establishes a constructive relationship between the two parties with the rapid development of technology, as well as" promoting human cooperation "that calls for the development of social skills as one of the most important deals with & # 39 The period of data conversion The forum will promote four key skills: inspiration, challenge, co-operation and experience, by listening to innovative insights and helping prepare for the future, experiencing assumptions and thinking trends, and building sustainable relationships to build a community growing global Vale.
If we speak in the context of skills, no conversation and lecture will achieve more than 5 per cent of the desired development, so it has been noted that five of the most important skills of the future are applied practically Among the forum participants: "innovative thinking" and "social intelligence" And the "initiative and self-direction". There are interactive places to achieve these goals, practical interviews with leading leaders and world-class talents, and experimentation sessions to discuss ideas and form a professional relationship. "Spread the innovation culture of the new generation and cognitive Chevy Young and functional, preparing them for leadership roles to serve their communities.
This year, this year, there is a qualitative sense that addresses the most important problems of the age, the bad relationship between man and machine. If we talk about dream city and automate all the elements of work, people are worried about jobs and are waiting in front of the huge machine. A global Msk forum between the machine describing the skills that we need to deal with the human being today with all the equipment that they must adapt to machine and technical requirements, and the future economy that can solve this problem and find a harmony between a man and a machine optimizes the value very dramatically and he will jump In the domestic production figures.

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