Monday , June 27 2022

WhatsApp imposes new mandatory conditions … Find out the best alternatives to WhatsApp


The American company Facebook is currently preparing to talk about many terms of use for the messaging application that follows WhatsApp, which it will officially implement from February 8, 2021, as confirmed from one of the technology related websites.

WhatsApp imposes the new requirements on all users

One of the technical websites published a report where the experimental features of WhatsApp were monitored, and its new rules will be mandatory for all users of the messaging service, and if one user of the messaging program does not agree to all the new privacy rules forthcoming, they may lose access to the instant messaging platform.

This means that users will be forced to accept the modern conditions or delete the application from their phones, and if you are someone who uses WhatsApp and you did not agree to the modern conditions to continue using the program, you must use some alternatives for the popular messaging application.

There are also many competing messaging applications besides the customized versions through the messaging service, and today we will offer you the best alternative applications for the WhatsApp program that provides the service for strong social communication, including the following:

  • The Telegram application competes in the form of WhatsApp, and this is because it offers many powerful and originally Russian features and offers many features for security, privacy and encryption, sends conversations, and has the feature to permanently eliminate conversation between the two parties.
  • Applying a signal that provides fast and easy-to-use instant messaging, sending and receiving text messages, making voice and video calls, and self-concealed messages, and providing the other party with the possibility to hold your conversations application.
  • The Theme application, which has the feature of privacy and security, and all encrypted communications is used by one party to the other, and provides free services without paying any material fee, and it works to save and store lists of your contact and all the information that’s on your phone only and has no servers on the Internet.
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