Friday , July 1 2022

There are some who have been waiting for the mistake of us … We all tend to mistake – today 24


Moroccan actor Salma Rachid said on Thursday that some of the friends of his friends thought he had collapsed, stating that everyone was wrong, and that his apology was not a weakness.

"Thank God for the masks that were made public in front of some people who I had never expected of them. I think of them like my friends. They did not see me so well, and he took advantage of all the love and respect of this opportunity to attack me instead. Contact me directly and know what happened (advice before the public scandal) I know you're waiting for me wrong as it was. "

"I'll tell you that I am stronger now than it would have been, and my success will grow more and more, not my ego but my constant effort, my voice, my support and my only Republican support because I do not trust anyone or stupid to get something I want. "

Thanks to the audience, thanks to the Moroccan people (I am your daughter and sister, your criticism of my head is better than myself and more diligent), we all are the subject of a mistake and not An apology was always a weakness but respected me … I will continue to be proud of the country and Balhjti and in the anthem of my countryside and the king and Moroccan lords and everything includes this country that I was amazed against myself. "

Salma Rachid was widely criticized for failing to perform the national anthem in the Al Ain game in Laayoune, but he explained that he did not hear himself because of the late audio and screaming of the audience.

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